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There are several types of custody arrangements that are possible in Massachusetts. There can even be a combination of the following arrangements depending on the situation.

  • Joint legal custody in which the parents share in the important life decisions of child such as health and treatment, education and other major life subjects;
  • Sole legal custody in which one parent alone decides on the major life decisions of the child;
  • Primary physical custody for one parent with visitation rights granted to the other parent;
  • Joint physical custody where the minor child spends half the week with one parent and half the week with the other;

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

Q: Where do the children live while divorce-related issues are being argued in court legally, or up until a resolution occurs?

A: After the divorce is filed either parent can file a motion for temporary orders to determine physical and legal custody.  If no motion is filed, then shared/joint physical and legal is assumed.

Attorney Mike Suarez has a deep knowledge of how Courts in the Commonwealth view these matters and Judge’s use to make custody and visitation decisions. Attorney Mike Suarez will work to obtain the outcome that is right for you and your child. For more information contact Attorney Suarez directly at (508) 759-1122

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