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In Massachusetts, a Judge’s Order or Divorce Agreement can be modified, especially when it pertains to children. A parent’s situation and circumstances can and will change over time. A mother or father may find themselves with the need to increase/decrease child support, revamp a visitation schedule or change custody due to a variety of real life factors. If your previous Court order is in need of a change then contact Attorney Mike Suarez at (508) 759-1122 for a free consultation to better understand all of your options.

The Case of Betsy and Anne

Betsy and Anne were married with a 3-year-old child at the time the couple wanted to get divorced. Divorce Attorney Michael Suarez represented Betsy throughout this highly contentious divorce that resulted in going to court.  Although Anne originally fought for full custody, Attorney Suarez was able to convince both parties to agree that joint physical and legal custody was in the best interest of their child.

The original divorce agreement stated that the little boy would continue to attend school in Plymouth where Betsy resided. Anne, shortly after the party’s separation had relocated to Norwell.

Less than two years later Anne wanted to make a change to the original divorce settlement. This is called a divorce modification. She filed a ‘Complaint for Modification’ seeking to have the child attend a private school in Norwell. Further, she sought to change the custody arrangement where she would have the child all week long, Monday through Friday, and Betsy would have their child every other weekend.  This changed the child custody from Joint physical custody to sole physical custody. READ MORE

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