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Do you really need an experienced personal injury attorney?

If you’ve been injured at work or in any type of accident, the insurance company will tell you that you can handle your claim on your own. Don’t be fooled, the insurance companies are in business to make money, usually at your expense. Some insurers will try to settle your claim up front for short money thereby, releasing themselves from having to pay a fair settlement down the road.

Never accept a settlement offer from an insurance company directly.
You have a right to be compensated fairly and adequately for your injuries, pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and out of pocket costs. Insurance companies, like all businesses will have a primary goal to take care of their bottom line.

The question is, who is taking care of your bottom line?
Who has your best interest at heart? It’s certainly not the insurance company. At the Law Office of Michael F. Suarez we will protect your interests 24/7 and will not rest until you are completely satisfied. Contact Attorney Mike Suarez for a free consultation at (508) 759-1122.

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