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In the divorce process, when two parties are unable to resolve their dispute, one good option may be to work with a mediator. Mediation, in many instances can be faster and less expensive than traditional divorce. It offers the couple more control and privacy. Read More

The role of the divorce mediator is to facilitate the resolution of the parties’ disputes by supervising the exchange of information and to help find common ground. A mediator will help to interpret concerns, define problems, and relay information between the parties.

A mediator may be either a trained or certified professional or an attorney. Unlike a certified professional, an attorney is licensed in the State and has the ability to perform court functions especially when and if issues escalate during the divorce mediation proceedings.

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If you have any further questions regarding divorce mediation in Massachusetts or if you’re looking for representation in your divorce or child custody battle, please don’t hesitate to contact Divorce and Mediation Attorney Michael Suarez 

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