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As seen below, a contested divorce can often become a trying and emotional experience. You need someone that will personally understand your unique situation and will use every legal means necessary to bring you the results you deserve. Mike Suarez is a lawyer that can effectively communicate your needs, wants and desires when negotiating with opposing counsel.

Items that can be contested in a divorce include but are not limited to the marital home, child custody and visitation, child support, vacation homes, bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts, share in the family business, inheritance and much more. Your options and outcomes will be enhanced when using a family law attorney that is not only seasoned but knowledgeable in the nuances of Massachusetts domestic relations law. Time is of the essence in a divorce case and it is important to gain a tactical advantage by making the first move. Don’t wait, call Attorney Mike Suarez (508)759-1122 for a free consultation!


Never Give Up

Ed was 48, married with two small children and running a very successful business when his marriage hit the rocks.  Although things had been difficult for some time, he did not anticipate the turn of events that followed.

The couple separated, and Ed moved out.  He saw his children during the week and weekends for visits and continued to support them monetarily.  His wife filed for divorce and hired a large law firm in Boston to represent her.

As the case proceeded through the court process, things began to deteriorate.  The wife demanded she be granted sole legal custody and physical custody.  She further demanded that Ed’s visits with the children be supervised.  She saw Ed’s role in the children’s lives as predominantly financial.  Ed refused to agree to such unreasonable demands.

As time continued, the wife made allegations that he was abusing the children during his visits with them. The incidents of abuse she claimed were no more than a couple of unfortunate accidents the children had while playing which left them with some bumps and bruises.  When faced with the facts surrounding these incidents, the wife changed her strategy.  She then claimed that if Ed did not intentionally injure the children, he was negligent in his supervision of them.

During the course of the divorce proceedings, which lasted over a year, Ed was charged with OUI on one occasion.  Although he had never had a history of alcohol abuse or any previous legal issues, the wife seized upon this as a new way to try and prove he was an unfit parent.

To defend against these allegations, Attorney Suarez engaged an expert who conducted an evaluation which supported Ed’s claim that he did not have an alcohol problem that would interfere with his ability to be a stable and positive influence in his children’s lives.  A court appointed Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) also came to this conclusion.

After systematically addressing each charge his wife hurled at him, Ed secured the resolution he wanted. Although his wife tried to wear him down, she was the one who ultimately came to the table because she had exhausted her financial resources before getting to a trial.   Ed was awarded joint physical and legal custody of his children and a support agreement he felt was fair and reasonable.

Don’t wait, call Attorney Mike Suarez (508)759-1122 for a free consultation!

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