Concussions are serious and can have long term effects. Medically, a concussion is considered a mild traumatic brain injury and even the mildest forms of concussion should be monitored closely. If you’ve been injured in any type of accident and experience even temporary confusion, memory problems, speech, vision or balance issues, consult a doctor immediately.  Whether it’s from a car crash or other motor vehicle accident, a slip and fall or sports injury, a proper diagnosis with documentation will serve you in the long run.

Because concussions are so prevalent, there are standard benchmark tests and forms that school’s require students to complete prior to playing any sports. Wearing helmets and protective gear, accurately and consistently in all sports, whether they involve contact or not, is a wise precaution and simple measure to prevent a concussion. Concussions may occur without force, many times it’s more a matter of where the contact occurred and therefore can go unnoticed. Being aware of the symptoms and seeking medical attention as soon as possible is critical.

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