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Sometimes collecting current and past due child support is not only difficult but impossible without Court action. Unfortunately, a non-custodial parent may be reluctant to disclose all of their income or may be working under the table and not reporting any income at all. Attorney Suarez has the skill and experience to obtain all of the child support that your child deserves under the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines. Attorney Suarez has successfully uncovered hidden income in child support cases through discovery tools, private investigators and dedicated hard work. For more information contact Attorney Mike Suarez directly for a free consultation on your child support matter.

Attorney Suarez can also represent a parent that is paying more child support than the law requires. Attorney Suarez is well versed in determining the correct amount of child support that a hardworking parent should actually pay. Factors such as additional children, day care contributions, extra-curricular activities, extraordinary expenses and the custodial parent’s income are all used in determining the correct guideline support number and whether or not the payor parent should seek a variance from the guidelines.

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